Institute of Informatics & Communication (IIC)

The Institute of Informatics and Communication of the University of Delhi South Campus is a unique institution from several points of view. For one, it offers a two-year M Sc (Informatics) and three-year MIT course* that combines high-end knowledge with useful real world applications in several areas of information technology and communications. For another, it trains the student to think analytically and imparts a degree of maturity and independence to the student through some innovative schemes. The Institute also trains its students to imbibe the ability to stay abreast with recent developments in the various areas that are related to Informatics so that they are able to perform at optimum levels in their subsequent professional careers. The curriculum at Institute of Informatics and Communication (IIC) attempts to prepare its graduates for meaningful and challenging jobs in IT Industry. The learning environment in the Institute encourages initiative, teamwork and development of entrepreneurial skills.

The learning approach at IIC includes classroom lectures, tutorials, project assignment and Internet access. The students are encouraged to develop their skills and acquire theoretical knowledge and practical training in electronics, telecommunication and computer hardware and software. To improve the communication skills of students and to increase their confidence, students are required to make presentations with the help of visual aids during the fortnightly seminar sessions.

The management of the Institute and its Advisory Board consists of competent individuals drawn from the fields of education and training, administration and industry. Their vision and experience have been a constant source of energy to shape the growth and functioning of the Institute.

The selection process to enter the Postgraduate programme is rigorous and the number of seats is restricted to ensure quality education. The Institute provides an excellent environment for learning and innovation.

IIC graduates have been well-placed in Government, Public, Private and Multinational organization through Campus placements such as HSS, C-DOT, HFCL, Bharti Telecom, Siemens, Wipro Technologies, IBM, HCL-Perot, Infosys Technologies and many other corporate and government organisations.

Managing Committee:

  • Prof. Dinesh Singh, Chairman, UDSC
  • Dr. M. K. Das, IIC

  • Mr. Kiran Karnik

  • Dr. Sanjeev Singh, IIC

  • Dr. S.N. Maheshwari, IIT Delhi

  • Dr. Mridula Gupta, DoES, UDSC