Format Specifiers in C

Here, I am gonna tabulate the format specifiers used in C language.

Code Format
%c Character
%d Signed decimal integers
%i Signed decimal integers
%e Scientific notation (lowercase e)
%E Scientific notation (uppercase E)
%f Decimal floating point
%g Uses %e or %f, whichever shorter (in length)
%G Uses %E or %f, whichever shorter (in length)
%o Unsigned octal
%s String of characters
%u Unsigned decimal integers
%x Unsigned hexadecimal (lowercase letters)
%X Unsigned hexadecimal (uppercase letters)
%p Displays a pointer
The associated argument must be a pointer to an integer. This specifier causes the number of characters written so far to be put into that integer
%% Prints a % sign.
%ld   Long int
%lf Double floating point number.
%Lf Long Double floating point number.